How to Entertain Your Wedding Guests 

How to Entertain Your Wedding Guests 

How to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Planning out a wedding is a very stressful, yet highly worthwhile venture. There are so many details to keep track of that by the time it comes you just want to get it started so you don’t need to keep them in your mind anymore. It would be perfect if we could plan a wedding just for ourselves; but this is not the case. Every guest you have invited is going to come just for you; but that won’t stop them from getting bored later on, will it? So, what are we going to do about that? There must be some way to keep them entertained!

Get Them to Laugh

Whether it’s a speech written to make fun of the groom or an actual hired comedian, people love to laugh. So during those intervals where not much is going on is the perfect time for either one of those. Usually the best way is to get the best-man to give a speech, revealing to the world all the groom’s deepest, darkest embarrassments! Most of the people present will likely know the groom well and will appreciate such jokes. They may even want to share some of their own!

Prepare a Slideshow

Everyone loves a good slideshow! So grab a whole bunch of pictures; baby photos; pics of when the couple first me; anything from then until now will work! Memories are wonderful things. It’s always good to share them. Hire a band or have some soft music going in the background in order to set the mood. That should keep them entertained for a while!

Make Way for the Dancefloor!

Not everyone loves to dance, but the ones who do won’t hesitate to throw themselves out there if you give them a chance! Slap on some music and make sure to have enough room somewhere so everyone can dance together! Grab a spotlight if you have one and bust some moves of your own with the one you just married! Spotlight or not, I guarantee you’ll be keeping people entertained with that. Whether you’re good or not, everyone will have a blast!


Food! Gimme the Food!

Nothing makes people happier than a wonderful wedding style buffet. Tables and tables piled up with food and drink. Not a person in the whole room will be left sitting. Not only will this keep your guests entertained, but it will give you the chance to relax a bit and just have a chat while stuffing your face due to your extreme exhaustion from the events of the day. You and your spouse deserve a break too, right? The best part about using food is that you can do it twice! That’s right! You have your buffet dinner early on in the reception; then closer to the end you open the desert tables! Once again people will come running back for more! When it comes down to it, keeping your guests entertained doesn’t require all that much planning. You just have to do the things that you would enjoy anyway and all your guests will follow along with you!

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