Think of garden, and the most common images are that of marigolds

Think of garden, and the most common images are that of marigolds

Think of garden, and the most common images are that of marigolds, impatiens, and other common plants. However, a hobbyist could grow any number of rare and unusual plants just as easily, to make their garden look better and unique. Many of such uncommon flowers and plants are very inexpensive and easy to grow. Here is a rundown of some of such unusual plants found in gardens, and how to take care of such plants.

Acer campbellii var. campbellii

The “Acer campbellii var. campbellii” is the scientific name for the medium sized maple trees, normally found in the Himalayas, at altitudes of above 10000ft.

Its striking features are a striped bark and its deep copper colour, which turn orange in the autumn. It grows well in both sunlight and light shade but requires shelter against cold wind.

Fatsia Polycarp

The “fatsia polycarpa” is an uncommon shrub, tracing its origin to Taiwan. The main attraction is its rounded leaves with deep cut lobes, and colourful flowers. The plant is capable of withstanding very low temperatures and requires minimal maintenance.

Schefflera taiwaniana

The Schefflera, or “Schefflera taiwaniana” are distinctive and exotic plants, characterised with fingered evergreen leaves, set in a striking poise. These plants grow into slender trees, but may also be maintained as multi-stemmed shrubs. The plant can withstand low temperature. It grows well with moisture in the air, and also in well-drained, leafy soil.

Illicium simonsii

The “Illicium simonsii,” which comes from China, is an evergreen shrub with highly aromatic leaves, pale yellow star-shaped flowers, and a distinctive, attractive shape. This plant grows best when exposed to good light, and in acidic soil.

Pittosporum daphniphylloides

The “Pittosporum daphniphylloides” is a large shrub, noted for its textured leaves, which have a glossy and leathery feel. These evergreen shrubs are also noted for its distinctive flowers, which emit a pleasant scent. This plant requires effective protection against harsh frost. Though a hardy plant, growers would do well to give it shade.

Bat Flower

The Bat Flower, or “Tacca chantries,” is a tropical flower of stunning beauty. The key attraction of the plant is its deep purple hanging filaments and its attractive leaves.

The Bat Flower grows best in a moist environment, in filtered shade. It requires protection against cold.

Red Button Ginger

The red button ginger plant is striking for its red cones and unusual yellow flowers. It is a robust plant, capable of withstanding harsh frost. It requires filtered sunlight to grow.

Goldfinger Flowers

The Goldfinger Flower or “Juanulloa” is a bright, tubular shaped flower. These plants are highly adaptable and makes for extremely attractive flower beds. It grows best in a shady environment, and in an undisturbed environment.

Aralia cordate

The aralia cordate is an exotic perennial plant, with strong stem and big leaves. It spots green globular flowers and purple berries. It is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and requires very little maintenance.


The Harlequin Glorybower, also known as Cleodendrum, is a hardy and versatile shrub, thriving in all conditions. It thrives in a moist environment and requires plenty of sunshine to grow.

Unusual plants may not supplant roses and other common garden varieties, but these plants lend a distinctive charm and uniqueness to the garden.
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