Who does not like to have an impeccable garden, especially during the summer season? A nice place to enjoy the weather with friends and family around a barbecue or just for a little tanning session. Here’s what you need to do to take care of your garden. Party wall homeowners


Weed control

When you have enough time in front of you to maintain your garden, the best way to get rid of weeds is to do it by hand. Otherwise, it is possible to use herbicides. However, it is advisable to read the instructions for this type of product and not to abuse it.


It is a chemical that has harmful consequences for the environment. But, it is also possible to appeal to grandmother’s remedies. To eliminate dandelions, for example, you can simply use salt and boiling water. Finally, if you have the possibility, you can call on experts of weeding.


Watering plants

The ideal would be to water the plants in the morning or in the evening. If you water in broad daylight, under the sun, the plants may fade. Then, avoid as much as possible to water with jets of water since it hardens and cuts the ground.


A good practice is to water as close to the roots as possible. Then, if you have the possibility of recovering rainwater, use it. They are healthier and more economical. Finally, consider watering your plants every other day.


Lawn care

Apart from water, the maintenance of the lawn consists essentially of mowing it when it exceeds 4 or 5 cm. To do this, you can bring a conventional lawnmower. Just remember to pick up the cut grass to prevent them from suffocating the still alive lawn. 0 With the help of a shear, you can redraw your paths and borders. For the cut is made in sharpness and without tearing, remember to sharpen the blade of the materials you will use.


With children and work, you already have little time for yourself. You are reluctant to waste your free time to maintain your lawn. Nevertheless, you want to have a beautiful green garden where you relax. We have the solution to satisfy you: the artificial turf.


An artificial turf more true than nature

On the market, you’ll find unrealistic synthetic turfs with small, spiny strands. But you will also find synthetic turf that mimics the English lawn. If you want a true-to-nature artificial turf, invest in a very realistic high-end synthetic turf with long strands and Tufts both thick and thick. Resistant, the strands of a quality artificial grass are soft.


When buying your synthetic turf, take the time to feel the clumps and check if folding the grass, it does not crack. If you buy synthetic turf online, consider asking for samples before validating your order.


Artificial turf is not only for the garden


The artificial grass allows you to have a garden always green all year long. Farewell, the chore of mowing and watering. Yes, but the artificial turf also has the chic to bring a corner of greenery to your terrace and your veranda. He also invites himself at home. You can place an artificial grass mat in the living room, bathroom or even in your hallway.


If you like your carpets to be more colorful, make your choice on artificial turf with vitamin colors. If you want to have an indoor football area, you can use a synthetic grass with coarser strands made of polypropylene or nylon.


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